Don’t put that on the face!

There is as many ways of taking care of your face and hair as many female friends you have. Each of them keeps telling you that her skin routine is the one and that it is going to work magic. Those ideas are not always good; what’s more, they may be very harmful. Let’s check the most popular beauty misconceptions.

Hairspray will set your make up.It is often said that the hairspray can be used as a cheap alternative to the make-up fixer. It may seem like a great way to save a few pennies, as the proper setting spray costs three times as much as the hair one, but in a longer perspective it is bound to have a negative impact on the complexion. It clogs pores, and unables skin to breath. It may result in a rash and infections. Hair spray contains many harsh ingredients that our hair can handle but not necessarily our skin. It is a common knowledge that the alcohol dries the hair not to mention the sensitive face skin.

Using hair shampoo as the make-up remover. The fact that it can clean our hair and scalp efficiently doesn’t mean that it will replace a gentle face cleanser. Using a strong, chemical detergent on our skin can only do more harm than good. If you run out of your regular make up remover, just use a baby oil instead.

Henna can be replaced with hair dye.Never use a hair dye on your eyebrows or lashes. Hair dye has extremely strong bleaching properties and therefore if should not be applied directly on the skin. It is important to know that when the dye accidently drips into your eyes, the risk isn’t burning or irritation, it’s blindness.

Avril Lavigne has just revealed that she applied a dollop of mayo on her hair to keep it manageable and straight. Indeed, the oil, vinegar and egg in mayo work to nourish the hair, help close the cuticle layer and give a protective coating. It will make your hair look shiny and smoother but it does nothing to remove curls. It is not a leave in conditioner so you must wash it off. Remember to rinse it with a lukewarm water or otherwise you will scramble the eggs.

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