Lash Queen make-up and make-up removal set from Helena Rubinstein


I am sure, each and every one of you would love to have perfect lashes every day. There is something to make this wish come true. It is the set of cosmetics from Helena Rubinstein. Lash Queen Sexy Blacks Waterproof mascara and All Mascaras! make-up remover. How do they work? Are they worth the money? Keep reading to find out!

Powercell undereye cream

It comes in a 3 ml tube and makes the undereye skin healthy and nurtured, while the make-up will be stunning and flawless. The cosmetic will be useful for everyone who noticed the appearance of fine lines, the so-called crow’s feet, struggle with first signs of skin ageing, and if your eyes simply look tired. How does the Powercell cream work? Th cosmetic soothes irritations, reduces undereye puffiness, and gets rid of any signs of fatigue. What is more, it leaves the skin around the eyes smooth, moisturised, refreshed and provides 24-hour protection. 

Lash Queen Sexy Blacks Waterproof mascara 

The mascara is available in one colour only. You will recognize it by the beautiful golden-black packaging. What effects will you get? Lash Queen Sexy Blacks Waterproof mascara curls, thickens and increases the volume of your lashes. Your eyes will appear visually bigger and it will make the make-up exaggerated yet elegant. What is the best way to use this cosmetic? Place your wand horizontally and with a zig-zag move, cover your lashes with a thin layer. Use the tip of the brush to reach the shortest lashes. If you need, apply another layer for a more dramatic effect.

All Mascaras! make-up remover


In the set from Helena Rubinstein, make-up remover could not be missing. The cosmetic comes in a 50 ml blue bottle. The product removes even waterproof products and takes care of the skin around the eye. It comprises natural ingredients that soothe irritations without overdrying the skin. How to use All Mascaras? Shake well before use and pour a small amount of the product onto a cosmetic pad. Press it firmly but gently to your eyelids and let the product dissolve the cosmetics. Wipe everything off and that’s all. Your skin is clean and nurtured.