My ways for dealing with dark circles, puffiness and sagging under eyes

Undoubtedly, dark circles, puffiness and sagging is rather a vast and difficult subject to discuss. In most cases dark circles and puffiness under eyes are either genetically determined or are a sad aftermath of the sleepless night. Moreover, dark circles may also appear as an oxygen debt consequence or as the blood circulation disturbance, which is typical for cigarette smokers or people spending long hours in front of a computer screen. Another reason for dark circles appearance is excessive melanin production which makes the skin around eyes become darker. When it comes to sagging, this is the outcome of lymphostasis. What are my ways for dealing with dark circles, puffiness and sagging?

My ways for dealing with dark circles, puffiness and sagging

Concealer for dark circles and shadows under eyes

Under eye concealer that will reduce visibility of dark circles has to be either of apricot shade or salmon shade. Moreover, it should be one tone brighter than a skin tone, yet no brighter than two tones. Equally important is the consistency of a concealer – a liquid formula has the advantage over the oily one that it doesn’t dry right after being applied.

The choice of under eye concealers is really wide. You can go for mineral, matte or highlighting concealer. Mineral under eye concealer is sold in the powdery form. Its asset is that it doesn’t cumulate in the creases of skin but it stays untouched where applied. Matte under eye concealer is long-lasting, yet it may dehydrate the delicate eye skin area. If you decide to use this very type of a concealer, refrain from applying make-up products which deliver too intensive matte finish. Highlighting under eye concealer has very subtle camouflaging features, therefore it works only with dark circles which aren’t too obvious. Moreover, the shine will enhance wrinkles so mature women shouldn’t choose concealers that display the very action.

If you tend to use under eye cream daily, it should be neither oily not thick if you want to apply an under eye concealer. The best cream in this case has the gel form. If you use eyeshadow base, try to apply it in scant to the under eye area, too. Owing to this trick, you will extend the lifespan of your make-up.

Apply an under eye concealer using either your fingertips or a special brush. Keep spreading the cosmetic in a triangle-shape, not crescent-shape. The base of the triangle should be located near the eye, and its pick should have its tip somewhere at the nose tip level. This way of applying a concealer will help you look younger. Fix the concealer with a translucent powder.

Cool dressing for dark circles and under eye sagging

Gel eye mask, especially when cooled down in a fridge before putting it on, constricts blood vessels and eliminates dark circles and puffiness. Such masks deliver almost immediate improvement of the looks no matter the eye skin area imperfection. As an alternative to gel eye mask you can use a cooled down teaspoon and apply it to the under eye skin right after waking up. Another good solution is application of cool parsley infusion or fresh cucumber slices. Why wouldn’t you give a try to gel under eye pads that are soaked with substances responsible for increasing blood flow? Such gel pads create the sensation of cool and as a result they constrict blood vessels.

Cream displaying highlighting, brightening and constricting properties to deal with dark circles, puffiness and sagging

An under eye cream based its composition on vitamin C and K, caffeine or herbal extracts such as cornflower extract, arnica extract, eyebright extract and ginkgo extract highlights dark circles under eyes and constricts sagging. This stimulates lymph flow (which helps reducing dark circles and under eye bags) and speeds up swelling disappearance (and thanks to which under eye bags cab be eliminated). In order to camouflage dark circles under eyes completely, use either a fair green or highlighting concealer.

What are your ways for dealing with dark circles, puffiness and sagging? Leave your suggestions below!

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