What are natural cosmetics?

natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are very favourable and one of the most looked for products for face and body care. But what in particular are natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetic, as the name speaks for itself, are composed of organic substances. In other words, there is no possibility to find artificial additives or pigments in their composition. Basically, natural cosmetics have either plant or mineral origins. These ingredients are extracted due to grinding, pressing, drying-out or filtration processes. And how to distinguish natural cosmetics from the regular ones? For example, in the United Kingdom there are special certificates given to products that are natural (Ecocert, Cosmebio, BDIH, Na True). Yet another important criterion is the very composition of a cosmetic. To demonstrate, if at least one or two ingredients included into the product come from bio farming, then the cosmetic can be considered as the natural one. What is more, certified natural cosmetics must have the right package. To illustrate, it has to be made from recyclable materials. It is worth realizing that natural cosmetics must not contain genetically modified ingredients (neither of plant nor of animal origins), ingredients obtained from dead animals, fragrances, pigments, artificial fats, oils, silicones and any other substances obtained due to distillation of either crude oil or emulsifiers.

Why natural cosmetics are so good?

As mentioned above, natural cosmetics are not testes on animals. They do not contain any substances of animal origins either. What is more, skin is fats to respond to such products. It is also worth noticing that manufacture of natural cosmetics does nor require using huge quantities of energy as any toxic wastes are not produced.

Do natural cosmetics have any disadvantages?

The truth is, natural cosmetics can irritate and cause allergic reactions. These allergies might be caused by bacteria that tend to multiply in natural cosmetics since these products do not contain any preservatives. Every single application has to be proceeded with precise hands washing and after the application the package has to be tightly closed. We have to also prevent any moisture from getting inside the package. Moreover, natural cosmetics are rather more expensive then regular care products. Their ingredients are imported from various parts of the world as the production is fairly time-consuming.

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