What the Nanolash Serum is and my experience with it.

I tried many serums before and I was shocked how expensive they are and the fact that they do not always give you results you want led me to Nanolash. I remember 2 yrs. ago I was looking for controversial Latisse but it is not available in the UK. Now I am glad that I could not get it because £80 for a lash serum is a ridiculous price. Nanolash is a great budget option if you do not want to spend a fortune on your long lashes.

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I am using the Nanolash Serum for about 5,5 months now and:

☺I am extremely happy with the look of my lashes☺.

In order the serum to work, it needs to be applied systematically for a couple of months. I am very religious about it and I do put the enhancer on every night before I jump into my pyjama. My lashes now look much longer and fuller and when I coat them with a mascara, my eyes just pop. To see the first results I was waiting for about 3 weeks. Lashes were stronger and they were not falling out when I was removing my make-up as they did before. At the end of 1st month up until now, not much has changed. They are very long and they almost doubled in density. I may think of using it not that often, maybe 2-3 times a week to keep them in the shape they are now.

eyelash serum nanolash

Eyelash serum effect

Many people are sceptical about using the eyelash serums. Think how often you condition your hair and how it looks like if you doesn’t. Lashes are also hair so I do not see a reason why they should be neglected. We tend to care about everything cellulite, stretch marks, or grey hair. When you meet a new person do you look at their tights but you look in the eyes. Yes eyes are the most important part of our body and I would use this cliché- a gate to our soul.

✪Applying lash serum takes only a few seconds and it gives amazing results✪.

Write a comment below if you used any kind of lash conditioner. I am curious if there is anything that can be equally good results and cost-wise.

15 Comments “What the Nanolash Serum is and my experience with it.”

  1. rosse

    I use Idol Lash but I cannot see any big results, maybe it’s time to change my lash serum for sth more effective

    • AmyUthche

      Why don’t you try Revitalash or Nanolash. They both work the same way and you will see the results within 5 weeks, if you use it daily of course

  2. Delsie91

    I just ordered the multipack so I am sure I don’t run out of it 🙂

  3. Lauren Jonson

    I would like my lashes to look fuller. I had some health issues and my lashes and brows are very sparse and thin. I am looking for something that will nourish them so they grow back long and thick. Is Nanolash gentle to the skin/? I am now super sensitive.

    • Miss Kate Blog

      Hi, I had no irritation or redness whatsoever. I know that it is a common side effect when it comes to lash enchancers but in this case it worked great without causing any discomfort. I highly recommend it even if you have sensitive skin

      • Anonymous

        How much did you paid for it, and where did you get it from?>

        • Miss Kate Blog

          My friend first told me about it and I got it from official Nanolash website. I know that you can get it of ebay but I am quite suspicious when I have to get any beauty product from ppl I dont know. I prefer to get it from the retailer. I paid £39 and sth for delivery I don’t remember, XX

  4. Sue

    I asked in Sephora but they don’t stock it:/

  5. Jane

    My cousing is using Nanolash and she is pleased with it. I can’t see the difference yet, she started the treatment two weeks ago

  6. spider


    • Chel

      It is not the question of money. It needs to work and then we can discuss about the price. I bet that the drugstore lash serum does not work the way Nanolash or Revitalash do

  7. Emily

    I have Nanolash but I just started using it lash Tuesday so I cannot say a lot. It is gentle and lightweight. The application lasts 5sec

  8. Megan

    I want long lashes!!!!!!!!!!

  9. piper

    i think that lash serum works better than any oils that you put on lashes


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