Why is Nanobrow the highest-rated brow enhancing product in blogosphere? My review

nanobrow eyebrow serum

Hey Everyone,

Lately, you’ve been flooding me with questions concerning eyebrow care.

Since catwalks, fashion magazines and Instagram have been favoring thick, bold, dark and full-looking eyebrows, the subject of conscious brow care is being constantly discussed.

How to grow full-looking eyebrows?
How to grow back eyebrows fast?
What eyebrow serum is the best?

You even want to learn home remedies for thick brows. Are there any? If so, which ones are the most effective? Which home remedies for thick brows do you recommend? Are home remedies for thick eyebrows worth testing?

Let me begin with answering quickly the last question: NO. It isn’t a good idea to expose your face to some weird gooey homemade mixtures that might do more harm than good to your brows. Worse still, such blends might even harm your eyesight. For example, if you happen to be clumsy one day and apply too much castor oil, then it may reach eyes and seriously irritate your eyeballs. Steer clear from such situations. I advise you against experimenting with such things especially if your eyebrows are skimpy by nature.

The best method to grow thick brows? Give your eyebrows to the expert – an eyebrow serum. As simple as that. Yes, we are lucky that a cosmetic such as eyebrow serum is now available. I guess there are a few of various brow enhancers (serums and conditioners)to choose from, or even there is a dozen.

How to find the best eyebrow serum?

Fortunately, you don’t have to guess and wonder what eyebrow serum will work for you best. I did this for you. It’s been 6-7 months that I’ve been testing various eyebrow serums. I’d rather not talk about the majority of them. The cheapest ones? Oh, give me a break, will you? They aren’t worth using at all – they rattle my cage, to say the least. However, don’t let yourself be fooled by believing that the most expensive serums are the best ones either! If I was to advise you, always look at the list of ingredients. After my 6-month tests, I can name the winning eyebrow serum, which is NANOBROW. I owe this eyebrow serum, seriously. Now my brows are bold and full. Furthermore, not only did I manage to regrow and redefine my eyebrows but also I regenerated and supplied them with nutrients. In short, my eyebrows are now stronger, thicker, darker and full. Stunning 🙂

I wouldn’t achieve such incredible effects if it wasn’t for Nanobrow, which I was skeptical about. I couldn’t understand how Nanobrow would be able to fix my skimpy eyebrows within a month, whereas three previous eyebrow serums (two more expensive and one cheaper) failed to do this? I kept applying the serums to my sad eyebrows every day but my brows were so stubborn – they didn’t change at all, like nothing! Eventually, a few new brow hairs appeared but I’m not sure whether this was owed to the serums or was it the consequence of the natural brow growth cycle. Anyway, I had to pluck them out either way. Finally, I reached for Nanobrow. And the makeover began.

This eyebrow serum surprised me positively. Of course, it’s a little bit pathetic to rave about the packaging but I have to admit that Nanobrow impressive; the tube is elegant and luxurious. Actually, Nanobrow works the same way it looks – amazingly! Trust me, Nanobrow is your best bet because…


Obviously, I couldn’t notice any difference for the first few days, no changes, no improvements – none. There was nothing that might have foreshadowed what was about to happen. In my case, eyebrows started growing somewhere around 5th week, but they had been getting stronger, darker and nourished earlier than that. After a month of regular Nanobrow use, I could spot many tiny, black baby brow hairs. Then I knew that full brow regrowth was just a matter of time. I have to admit that I was relieved because my brows were always thin and sparse so I almost lost all the hope that they would ever get thicker. Thanks to Nanobrow, my brow makeover happened quickly and after just a few weeks I could enjoy having NEW, BEAUTIFUL and FULL EYEBROWS.

Of course, I must say a few words about the ingredients used in Nanobrow because the composition is something! Honestly, I’ve never met SO MANY NOURISHING substances put in one tube so far. The formula of Nanobrow looks perfect. Let me give you just the most important ingredients, shall I? So, Nanobrow contains plant extracts (baicalein, ginseng, soy and wheat) that work like growth activators. Actually, using just one of the extracts would be fine, so think how powerful they are when combined! Apart from the plant extracts, Nanobrow also has provitamin B5 and amino acid (arginine), and as you probably know, hair loves amino acids <3

Final thoughts about Nanobrow

I wholeheartedly recommend Nanobrow eyebrow serum to all the girls who dream of having beautiful and full-looking eyebrows, who dream of having eyebrows that add charm to face and make you look younger. To me, Nanobrow outruns all other brow serums. I know that it might not look like a budget product but, hey, there are more brow serums that are far more expensive than Nanobrow. Actually, when comparing to other brow enhancers, I’d say that the price is fair, especially when you realize how efficient Nanobrow is. Now I understand the hype surrounding Nanobrow. Fancy trying it? 

20 Comments “Why is Nanobrow the highest-rated brow enhancing product in blogosphere? My review”

  1. iggy

    Amazing ingredient, amazing formuyla, even more amazing effects. 3 times YES! 😀

  2. alex alexandria

    can one get some samples somewhere???

  3. mrs Josephine

    Recently started using Xbrow and no effects for now 🙁 do I do it incorrectly or somethin’? Is Nanobrow better?

    • Alice in Wonderland

      When it comes to Nanobrow there isn’t one better than this. Better composition, better formula, fast working. I tested dozens different products and I can recommend Nanobrow for sure. 10/10

  4. truffle

    thanks for this great review! i was just thinking about getting something to regenerate my brows after flop with permanent makeup and i think i’ll get nanobrow 🙂

  5. Pauline_x

    I wanted beautiful brows and… I HAVE THEM. Also thanks to Nanobrow <3

  6. Bebe

    Can someone upload full composition? Does it really have so many plant extracts?

    • rolling_her_eyes

      if you look for ingredients all are on the official website. how hard is it to go there and check?

  7. queen

    I was just trying to decide should I get Revitabrow or Nanobrow. The price similar but Nanobrow has more great opinions. And than there’s your opionion so more pros 😛

  8. zigzag

    i though i won’t get use to daily use but its kinda cool and there are some effects already

  9. RaspberryBrush

    Hey! When I read about the castor oil and at home treatments I couldn’t help but nod to myself because I’ve been through the same thing. Maybe castor oil does something but for me effect was so weak that after few months I was pissed at myself for wasting so much time and effert. I use Nanobrow for 3 weeks and my brows are growing like crazy 🙂

  10. Nayane

    Nanobrow is just brilliant! I don’t use it but my sister does and her eyebrows grew mega. True must have!

  11. Beauty_Alex

    Wow, interesting product, awesome composition and these must be the fastest i ever heard of any serum to work, I’ve been all around the internet and EVERYWHERE Nanobrow is recommended!

  12. Janine

    I use Nanobrow for a week and I already see losts of small hair, great product!

  13. Cuddly123

    I heard of baicalein before it is one of the best substances when you want to grow hair!

  14. Locca89

    Come on, it’s not that expecnsive, that is how much eyebrow serums cost…

    • Blue-Velvet

      It’s expensive to me…

      • PauliNe

        Its a matter of perspective is what I think… For some eyebrow serum is better than expensive and risky permanent brow makeup. Here you at least know that it will work 100% 🙂

  15. Kisses

    I saw nanobrow treatment effects with my own eyes and its super duper and serum works great 10/10 from me!

  16. Kate_Jonas

    When you buy more you pay less <3 I'm talking my cousin into buying it with me!


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