12 common face care fails that most of us do

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Sadly, not all women are aware of the fact that skin, especially face skin, requires regular and persistent care. Our face skin needs to be exposed to various treatments due to which it can remain healthy. Unfortunately, we can do more harm then good when the beauty and care treatments we give to our face are inappropriate. To demonstrate, we can deteriorate condition of our skin once we apply mismatching cosmetics or when we forget to remove makeup at bedtime. Therefore, read the article to learn 12 most common mistakes that we all do while taking care of our face.

Face Care Fail No. 1 – You do not remove makeup precisely. Indeed, meticulous makeup removal is essential since it is considered as the basics of face skin care. Residues of colour cosmetics may contribute to acne, blackheads, discolourations, irritations and even allergies. Does it often happen that you fall asleep wearing makeup? Do you know that mascara left overnight might clump your eyelashes together?

Face Care Fail No. 2 – You do not cleanse your makeup brushes and accessories. Indeed, dust and impurities tend to gather on the brushes. Additionally, they become gradually coated with layers of foundations, eyeshadows and other colour cosmetics which creates the perfect environment for bacteria and germs to multiply. Thanks to regular disinfection of all makeup accessories, you will shield your face skin against irritations and rash. How to cleanse makeup accessories? All you need is a small bowl with a mixture of soap and water. Put all the brushes, sponges and accessories into the mixture and leave in overnight. In the morning, rinse them with fresh water and left till become air-dried. What is more, you can buy a special spray designed for makeup accessories disinfection. Wipe your mirror with a glass cleaner. Tweezers, scissors and other metal accessories can be disinfected due to alcohol.

Face Care Fail No. 3 – You do not apply an under eye cream. With age skin around eyes becomes flabby and livid. As we get older, we can also notice this unattractive sagging under eyes.  In order to avoid such skin imperfections to develop, apply a special under eye cream. Owning to its moisturizing and oxygenating features, the cream will slow down skin ageing processes keeping your skin younger and tautened.

Face Care Fail No. 4 – You apply too many cosmetics at once. If you think that due to applying various layers of cosmetics you make yourself look attractive, then you cannot be more wrong. Only small amounts of the products put on (that match your skin type and its needs) provide protection for your delicate face skin. What is more, it is worth reading all the labels attached to the cosmetics because you will find there crucial information on how often a particular product can be used.

Face Care Fail No. 5 –  You do not apply creams containing SPF. Even during the winter your skin requires protection form the sun. The truth is, sun rays bounce from snow surface and hit your skin with multiplied force. Thanks to sun protection filters applied in the summer, you will avoid all skin discolourations as you will slow down skin ageing processes triggered by solar radiation.

Face Care Fail No. 6 – You do not use face scrubs. In order to help skin with free regeneration, you have to exfoliate dead epidermis cells regularly. Old skin cells become dead and linger on face surface clogging skin pores. For cleansing, use fine grained,  coarse grained or enzymatic face scrubs. It is also a good idea to visit a beautician once in a while to have one of the numerous skin purifying treatments done. Obviously, there are also home-made techniques of removing dead skin cells. For example, you can mix either a spoon of sugar or a spoon of salt with one spoon of lemon juice and scrub your face.

Face Care Fail No. 7 – Lack of moisturization. Face and body skin, especially dry, sensitive and prone to allergies one, requires moisturization. With this in mind, remember to put on special creams and lotions right after leaving shower or before leaving home (especially during the winter). Such cosmetics contain, among others, allantoin, aloe as their texture is oily and heavy.

Face Care Fail No. 8 – Wrong order of cosmetic application. Firstly, you should wash your hair before you do the same to the face. Certainly, some ingredients included into compositions of shampoos may irritate delicate skin of face. If you wash your face before cleansing hair, all the components of shampoo stay on the complexion. The reverse sequence guarantees removal of shampoo residues.

Face Care Fail No. 9 – You do not give enough time for the cosmetics to start working. Definitely, we expect the care products to work fast. Unfortunately, to help them produce the looked-for effects you have to arm yourself with the patience and wait at least four – three weeks to notice any changes and improvements.

Face Care Fail No. 10 – Mismatched cosmetics. Each of us has different skin type. Obviously, each skin type requires to treat it differently since their needs are various. Fortunately, all the demands can be satisfied by applying appropriate cosmetics. Try to pick the products that meet the requirements of your skin. Only in that way you can count on positive outcomes.

Face Care Fail No. 11 – Fatigued and dehydrated skin. In order to facilitate fast skin regeneration, you need to remember to have a good night sleep (at least 8 hours per night) and consume appropriate amounts of fresh water (1,5 of still mineral water per day).

Face Care Fail No. 12 – Makeup for gym. Physical exercises make all the sweat and water cumulated in an organism ‘run away’ through skin pores. When your pores are clogged with an oily cream or a foundation (even a mineral one) skin cannot breathe. Moreover, the substance created due to mixture of sweat and cosmetics also contributes to defiling skin.

If the list covers some of the mistakes you make on daily basis – just fix them immediately! Definitely, you will notice nothing else but improvement in a form of healthy and pretty face of yours.

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