NEW long-lasting foundation Encre de Peau All Hours by Yves Saint Laurent


Foundation! It’s must-have for every woman’s cosmetic bag. It conceals something here, rejuvenates there but certainly beautifies and nourishes. Is it how I can describe the newly discovered by me Encre de Peau All Hours Yves Saint Laurent? Read below.

Why do I like it?

Only a few foundations can be perfectly matched with skin complexion. Among those, we have the cosmetic by YSL. It is available in 22 shades which were divided into three groups accordingly to skin colour. Here’s the first reason. Second, Encre de Peau All Hours contains SPF 20 to protect my sensitive skin against wrinkles and pigmentations. Third, the use of this product is super easy. All due to the convenient pump which in my bottle works flawlessly.

What might you want to know about YSL foundation?

Encre de Peau All Hours makes skin complexion even, provides smoother and matte finish. When I started using this cosmetic I had a minor problem with its application. Not the brush, not the sponge, not even my fingers were able to manage the correct application of the foundation. Once I fixed the make-up with some powder, dry skin patches and some imperfections were still visible. It was that moment and that situation that convinced me to change the skin care routine. I dedicated more time to scrub and started using highlighting cosmetics. Effect exceeded my expectations.

The best thing about Encre de Peau All Hours is…

The foundation is recommended for all skin types, it is waterproof, does not contain any greasy or clogging substances and was dermatologists reviewed. If you care about high coverage, you can always buy the concealer from the same collection. However, remember that its colour must be a tone lighter than the foundation.

What about you, have you tested new foundation by YSL yet?