Valuable Under-Eye Serum – How it Works & What it Should Contain?

My skin under the eyes isn’t wrinkle-free. Sadly, every age plays by its own rules and some changes or processes are inevitable. I’m sure that laughing gave me the under-eye creases – fine lines that are clearly visible on some days. It is time to get round to the anti-aging routine and reach for a high-quality eye cream or serum. What should it contain? Take a look at the shopaholic’s short guide 😉

Eye Serum – what is it & how does it work?

If you think of a serious skin repair, you want to handle wrinkles once and for all and delay the skin ageing – serum makes the best solution. How so? Its working focuses on the inside of skin – not on the surface like in case of creams. A light, non-greasy serum formula has been designed to effortlessly penetrate deep skin parts and fight ageing processes from within. Therefore, serum gives better results than a cream and if you spot first wrinkles on the skin or the change in the elasticity of epidermis – serum will be your savior.

What should a fine eye serum contain?

Obviously, the largest number of strongly-working active ingredients which neutralize free radicals, bind water molecules, make sure there’s sufficient hydration in skin, and most of all – what’s crucial in the anti-ageing routine – stimulate cells to work, or to permanent division and repair. Also, it would be nice if serum is rich in muscle-relaxing compounds – so that skin is more elastic and bouncy. As a result, all kinds of facial lines vanish – skin is no longer sagging whereas the serum ingredients work like an air bag which fills (pushes out) wrinkles. We can try picturing the effect by thinking of an iron for facial wrinkles.

How to choose a high-quality eye serum?

To make such a cosmetic fulfill its role – simply work – it should be rich in a large dose of properly-balanced active substances known for the rejuvenating properties. Apart from stimulating cells to work, surely serum should moisturise and lock water in epidermis. Only then can the skin be elastic and bouncy. What are the most valuable ingredients in eye serum? Here is the list of substances which give the best skin care:

  • coenzyme Q10 – essential for the proper functioning of skin cells, takes part in producing energy in cells, delivers oxygen and protects from ageing
  • plant stem cells – a group of active cells and anti-ageing innovation; they keep restoring and repairing damaged (wrinkled!) tissues and as the only ones have the ability to proliferate, or grow in numbers, increase skin firmness and density, trigger non-stop renewal and regeneration. Stem cells ensure ceaselessly young-looking skin and make up the real hit in beauty
  • collagen – one of the most important ingredients in the body (a main protein in the connective tissue), responsible for density, suppleness and elasticity, slows down ageing processes
  • elastin – protein which occurs in the connective tissue, its decrease means reduced skin elasticity (the so-called sagging skin), which translates into the occurrence of wrinkles
  • hyaluronic acid – an ingredient which is already iconic; it is looked for by women in all creams, masks and serums. No wonder, after all, as one of the few substances, it is able to bind huge molecules of water and maintain the right level of skin hydration. Without the hydro-lipid balance, skin gets flabby, lifeless, dry, creased and wrinkled
  • natural oils of anti-ageing qualities (raspberry oil, argan oil and Shea butter are among the favorites) – make up the source of good fatty acids, phytosterols and flavonoids which prevent the dissolution of collagen and elastin
  • biomimetic peptides – the so-called neuro-peptides, their working is compared to the acting of botox; it excellently reduces the deepness of wrinkles. The creation of peptides is the result of examining the facial expression lines. They stimulate fibroblasts to active production of collagen and elastin

What to avoid in eye serum?

It happens that a beauty product abounds in silicones and synthetics which are hard on the under-eye skin. That is why, always check if a product contains heavy silicones and bad dehydrating short-chain alcohols. There is also a group of ingredients which ideally go along with face skin care but including them in an eye product makes no sense (squalane, retinol, mattifying substances, essential oils, urea, silk).

Have you got any eye serum favorites? Tried & tested ones? Leave your feedback, I’d love to give them a shot 🙂

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