What is a serum and how to use it?

The serum works more intensively than a cream, although it has a lighter consistency. Depending on your needs, you can use it permanently or temporarily – to help the skin or hair solve a specific problem, for example, regenerate damage, dryness or aging. A properly selected serum works like a medicine, provided that we know how to use it. What is the serum and what properties does it have? How do you choose a serum and when you shouldn’t be using it? And finally: how to use the serum?

What is the serum and what properties does it have?

The serum is a cream concentrate that gives quick results and facilitates further skin care. Some people think that you should not use it constantly so that you do not get used to high concentrations of ingredients. The serum has a gel or velvety consistency. It is thicker than a cream and resembles a watery mask. Although the active ingredients contained in it reach the deeper layers of the skin, the appropriately selected serum absorbs quickly, does not clog pores and does not leave a greasy film on the skin surface.

How to choose a serum?

The serum is designed to replace the cream you use every day or temporarily complement its work. If you use both products, make sure to apply the serum first (to the cleansed skin) and then the cream (that is selected for the type and problem of the complexion).

You need to adjust the serum to the needs of the skin and the effects you want to achieve after the treatment. The choice is huge: there are a number of cosmetics that support skin regeneration and have antioxidant, brightening, anti-wrinkle, and intense moisturizing properties. Properly selected preparation works quickly and effectively, so if you’re not sure how to match it to your skin’s needs, ask your dermatologist, cosmetologist or beautician for help.

The serum does not contain sunscreens, so during the course of the treatment, you must use a cream with a suitably high SPF.

When should you not use the serum?

The serum is a cosmetic with unusual properties that will help you improve the condition of your skin, however, you cannot always reach for it. Contraindications to its use include irritated skin or one that has not yet recovered from cosmetic surgery. If you are allergic to some ingredients of cosmetics, check whether they’re contained in the serum you are interested in.

How to use the serum?

The serum can be used in two ways. The first method assumes that the serum is an addition to daily care, which should be reached for if the problem of skin or hair has intensified. In such situations, the serum can be used in the morning and / or evening as a base under the cream and at the same time – the first layer of product right after cleansing the skin. Remember to take a 10-minute break between the application of both cosmetics.

The second theory claims that the serum is to be used on a daily basis – instead of a cream and specifically for problematic skin care. Also, in this case, it is used in the morning and evening.

Both ways are correct and depend on the effect you want to achieve. The serum will work as a complement to the care one week before an important event, such as New Year’s Eve, wedding or public performance, while after holidays it can be used as a monthly regeneration treatment for the skin. The results will depend on the specific complexion, therefore, the optimal way of using this cosmetic should be worked out by yourself. Watch the effects, test new brands, look for your favorite ingredients. A good quality serum can improve skin condition even in one night, others will work wonders within a week.

Choose packaging that will allow you to apply the serum directly to the skin – without having to dip your finger in the jar. Thanks to this, the cosmetic will stay fresh for longer and therefore it will remain effective for a longer period of time. You can store the serum in the refrigerator if there are no contraindications (details can be found on the packaging or in the information leaflet attached).

I use the serum temporarily whenever I feel the need to. I use it as a supplement to the cream until my skin problem is gone.

And how do you use the serum: on a daily basis or only from time to time? What active ingredients should be provided by a good serum in your opinion? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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