With Small Steps. What’s the Right Order to Apply Skin Products?


you often ask me about the best face skincare tips. Can I use a serum instead of a cream? If so, when to apply it? What’s the order of applying a cream and toner? These questions are so common that I’ve decided to make a STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE on how to use face care products.

Precision equals effectiveness

Have you been in a situation when you bought an expensive cosmetic and it turned out to be a complete failure? You curse yourself out… that isn’t what you expected from a pricey product; it should work wonders. What if I say it might be your fault?

Even the best and most expensive cosmetics won’t be effective if you use them the wrong way. I don’t know if you’re aware that the right order of applying cosmetics can make a super cream work even better and more effectively. Upgrading the daily skincare isn’t difficult. All you must do is learn to apply products the right way and watch amazing effects with pleasure.

The choice of the suitable cosmetics for your skin type is a halfway to beauty-care success. The other half involves the application method; it can either spoil the effects totally or the other way round – make a product work with an increased power. How to do it? Read on!

The order matters

A face cream, revitalizing serum, under-eye cream, topical product for pimples – the list of every-day care products seems endless. Everything for the flawless looks. Only recently I found out that another thing that matters is… the order to apply them!

Do you know the right order to apply skincare products to make the best of their properties? If not, you must dip into the today’s post. The effort you put in the choice of high-quality products with good ingredients might be wasted if you apply them in the wrong order.

Getting the hang of the rules for the right skincare can be hard at the beginning. Before applying cosmetics in the correct order becomes your good habit, you should remember one rule. It’ll help you deal with the dilemma ‘which one should I use first’.

The most important rule: always apply cosmetics from the lightest to the richest ones so pay attention to the consistency of products.

Let’s move on to the detailed description. I’ll try to discuss all of the steps in your daily skincare. I’ll explain why a given moment is suitable for applying a particular product. I hope it’ll help you remember how to properly apply cosmetics.


None of skincare products will be effective if you apply them to dirty skin. Considering the evening care, a precise makeup removal is the key. You skip this step in the morning, no one sleeps with makeup on 🙂 Before applying care products, you must always reach out for a face wash gel or micellar water, and exfoliate the skin once in two weeks (e.g. with an enzymatic scrub). In this way, you eliminate the barrier (made up of impurities) that doesn’t let the nutrients in. Remember that clean skin always receives active ingredients of cosmetics more easily.


Women forget about this stage very very often. Tbh, I’m not an exception as I hadn’t known about the necessity for using a toner for a long time. I used to think that a face toner is unnecessary and I was wrong. This product restores the natural skin pH. It’s a step towards providing the skin with better protection against germs. A toner has a lightweight formula and helps nutrients get into the deeper skin layers. That’s why you must use it before other products.


A bit of an intensive care for a good start – a face serum. The product has a concentrated composition that works strongly and precisely. It also has a light consistency and often comes in form of ampules. You ALWAYS apply serum as a first product! If you use two types, apply the under-eye serum first and then the one for the entire face skin. If you do it the other way round, the leftovers of the face serum may irritate the sensitive eye-area skin. The cosmetic absorbs very fast. The set of intensively nourishing, hydrating, firming or repairing substances instantly penetrates the deep skin layers. Serums work most deeply therefore you must apply them first so e.g. a cream doesn’t block their way.


Can a serum replace a cream? In my opinion, it can’t and I’ll try to explain why. Both products have completely different purposes. A facial cream, which matches your skin type, should be the last stage of the every-day care. You must spread it on the skin and massage for a few mins for better absorption. The massage speeds up the cellular metabolism so more active ingredients penetrate the skin. It’s really important! A face cream fulfils one more function, keeping the active substances (of serums, too) inside the skin. The conclusion is simple – the cream is the key after applying the serum cause it intensifies its action. In summer, creams provide extra sun protection if they contain UV filter.

5. OIL

You’ve just read that creams are the last products and now I’m mentioning an oil. What’s going on? You can apply a face oil but don’t have to. The experience tells me that a few drops of a nourishing oil give the face an extra radiance, hydration and protection. If you go after an illumination effect, a face oil is a perfect finish touch in the daily beauty care.